Using Nepenthes

How much content can I fill inside the Nepenthes bottle?

Nepenthes fits 250 ml of fluid content. When you refill your Nepenthes, make sure you leave some space to avoid overcharge (see "How do I refill Nepenthes?").

How do I use Nepenthes?

Pull the curvy top part until it comes out. Then simply tilt the bottle towards your open hand and wait for the liquid to come out of the side of the bottle. As with a traditional shampoo bottle, you can speed up the process by gently squeezing Nepenthes. After use, snap the end of the bottle neck into the opening until you hear a "click".
The flexible bottle neck is harder to open or close at the beginning. This is to make Nepenthes leak-tight. Once you have added content in the bottle, the liquid will make the neck slide more easily.

How do I refill Nepenthes?

Refill Nepenthes when about a quarter of the content is left, for an optimal flow of the content.
Make sure the neck is firmly locked into the bottle. Turn the bottle upside down, open the screw cap at the bottom and refill the bottle through the large opening. It is even easier if you place Nepenthes in a tall glass, cup or other container, then you have both hands free. Please make sure that you refill to a maximum of one finger's breadth from the rim of the base, so that you do not create too much pressure inside. When closing the screw cap, turn it until you feel a slight resistance. There must remain a small gap between the bottle and the cap so that it is tight.

What can I fill Nepenthes with?

Nepenthes is ideal for shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, liquid soaps and other liquid substances for hair and body care. You can also use powder shampoo, which you can mix with water beforehand.
The material Nepenthes is made of is also food safe and suitable for common washing and cleaning substances.

Where can I find refilling options?

The best products for filling are care products from refill bags, canisters and other containers, dispensers and refill stations in the zero-waste store. You can get them in more and more shops or online. You can find a list of suppliers on our "How it works" page.

I have several Nepenthes bottles for myself or my family. How can I tell them apart?

The "Filled with" box on the bottom lid gives you space to get creative. Use markers or stickers to label the Nepenthes bottles with their contents or your name. Or simply paint on them. What is your Nepenthes filled with? Let us know at [email protected].
In the future, Nepenthes will also be available in different colours. Then it will be even easier to distinguish the bottles from each other.

How do I clean Nepenthes?

Just wash it under the sink or in the dishwasher!

How do I recycle Nepenthes at the end of its life?

Please use the normal recycling systems for plastic waste in your country, in Germany the yellow bin.

Quality & Safety

Is Nepenthes food safe?


How long can I use Nepenthes?

Nepenthes was developed in years of research, and optimised for long use. In our durability tests, we assume a lifetime of 24 months with normal to intensive use. Of course, you are welcome to use Nepenthes for longer.

Is Nepenthes safe and free of harmful substances?

The material is absolutely safe for everyday use. It is suitable for use with common cleaning and washing substances. It contains no BPA or other harmful or toxic substances.

Made in Germany, what does that mean?

From the product idea to the production: it was important to us that everything remains as local as possible. That's why we work with an experienced family business in Saxony for the production of the Nepenthes bottle. The shelf life and quality tests come from the TU Chemnitz; all labels and tags from Germany.

Environment & Social responsibility

Which material is Nepenthes made of?

Nepenthes is made with 50% bio-based Polyethyelene material, made from sugar cane. This material is not biodegradable, but recyclable. At the end of its life please dispose it in your recycling bin!
Why not 100% bioplastic to saven even more fossil fuels? In order to keep the quality and processing of Nepenthes high, we cannot increase the share of bio-based content any further at the moment. As soon as new natural raw materials with optimal properties become available, it is our goal to move towards 100%!

Why is Nepenthes better than normal disposable bottles for body care and hair care?

Reusable & refillable: Each one of us uses about 800 shampoo bottles in a lifetime. Most of them are thrown away after just one use and are then not recycled or not properly recycled.
Nepenthes is designed to be easy to refill over and over again, easy to clean and ready for the next shampoo or shower gel, your favourite hand soap, or the latest conditioner. Buying Nepenthes once and living the zero-waste lifestyle is easiest when you make sure to choose sustainable refill options. Refill packs, for example, save 60% of plastic, and refill stations at zero-waste stores save even more plastic.

Recyclable: Only 40% of all packaging is recycled. Bottles are the biggest problem in the cosmetics and personal care industry, as the most common containers with high growth rates. When they are recycled, it is often only incompletely, because a normal bottle for shower gel consists of up to three types of plastic. It is difficult to separate them in the recycling process; moreover, separation is expensive. The small cap in particular often ends up in landfills or in the oceans because it is too small for detection.
Nepenthes is made of one material in two different forms (HDPE / LDPE). It can be easily disposed of in the recycling bin, preferably with the lid and bottle body separated. The material can be 100% separated and reprocessed during recycling. There is no small lid or other small parts that escape the recycling process.

Locally produced & simplified manufacturing: Normal bottles for shower gel or shampoo are produced in up to three different processes, often in China.
Nepenthes is produced in just one process, saving emissions and transpor. It is locally produced in Germany.

Climate neutral & socially committed: All CO2 emissions from manufacturing, packaging and transport are offset so that Nepenthes leaves no CO2 footprint. A part of the proceeds goes to an aid project in Malawi, for clean drinking water.

Nepenthes is climate neutral. What does that mean?

The material, production, packaging, transport and use of a product lead directly or indirectly to emissions of greenhouse gases that increase climate change. For Nepenthes, all emissions caused by material procurement, energy use during production, packaging, transport type and distance were calculated. And then offset via a recognised climate protection project so that the climate is not affected.
Our chosen climate protection project in Uganda locates, repaires and maintains defective wells. This gives people access to clean drinking water without having to boil it. The project saves the CO2 emissions caused by boiling water, usually on an open fire. At the same time, it protects local forests from deforestation. As already existing wells are repaired, the project has a 'recycling effect' and promotes the responsible use of resources. In total, the project saves 90,000 tonnes of CO2.

Retail & for Business

I am a retailer. How do I get Nepenthes for my store?

Nepenthes can be offered as a one-off promotional product or as a long-term refillable bottle for personal care products, both in physical stores and online. Please email us at [email protected], or complete our enquiry form. Our Retail Partnership Team will get back to you as soon as possible.

I am a manufacturer of personal care. Can I offer Nepenthes together with my products?

Yes, that is possible! We will be happy to discuss all possibilities with you. For example, offering Nepenthes as a pre-filled bottle or in combination with your refill options. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Is it possible to offer nepenthes as a gift for my company's employees?

Of course! We would love to support you to make your staff more sustainability-minded, increasing the awareness of plastic pollution and how you can make a difference about it! Contact us at [email protected] and we will send you further details.

Does Nepenthes come in combination with contents?

Yes we have partnered with the best powder-based personal care products of Germany. We are therefore able to offer the Nepenthes bottle in combination with powder-based shampoo, shower gels and hand soap. One of them is the Hamburg-based brand Soap&Precede and the other is Pulverise. Contact us at [email protected] and we will send you further details.

In which countries is Nepenthes available?

Currently we deliver from and to Germany, and upon request across Europe.

In which colours is Nepenthes currently available?

Nepenthes is available in 5 colours: Wave (blue), Ice (light blue), Leaf (light green), Aurora (purple), Coral (pink).

How can I customise Nepenthes for my company, event or advertising campaign?

There are two options, which can also be combined:
- Colour: On request, we can produce Nepenthes in the colour of your choice. The bottle body and bottom lid can even have different colours.
- Print: The bottom part of the bottle body can be printed with your logo or message, in one or two colours.
Please contact us at [email protected]. We will be happy to discuss formats, availability, conditions and delivery terms with you.